Entrepreneur On The Couch

to have guided hundreds of companies through the branding & product development landscape and for over 20 years


I’ve been having a blast creating some really amazing things. I also have a passion for learning something new and my fascination for human behavior led me to studying behavioral neurology which led to becoming a master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

My experience in brand development and behavioral neurology were separate until one day there was the quintessential ‘A-Ha!’ moment when these two worlds combined and suddenly I saw the amazing overlaps between how our brain is wired and how brands perform. It was like being a kid and seeing the answers in the back of the teacher’s book and only I knew the secret! It was great knowing the secret and I wanted to tell everybody so I started giving talks at conferences and to private corporate audiences which I still do today.

The response was tremendous and I received many inquiries to help them implement what I knew. Magnetic Mind Studio was born and guiding my clients to discover their truly unique, resonant brand identity has been an incredibly rewarding experience for both me and the people I serve.

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