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You Want Customers?

Then you need a brand that resonates.


Attract more customers  •  Grow with less effort  •  Differentiate Effectively

You Want Customers?

Then you need a brand that resonates.


Attract more customers
Grow with less effort
Differentiate Effectively

Magnetic Brand is a workshop where you are guided to create a compelling and meaningful brand strategy that targets the way our brain is actually wired to trust, engage, and buy.

When you're unclear about your brand you make building your business more difficult than it needs to be.

The Magnetic Brand workshop will help you get the clarity you need to make growing your business easier.


Stand out in your marketplace

Find what truly differentiates your business in a way that connects with your customer and makes their neurology say “YES!”


Target your marketing dollar

Discover the hidden motivation of the people who most want to buy from you and where to find them so you can focus your marketing where it has the highest return.


Feel more confident

With a clear brand strategy you can change that feeling of not knowing if you're making the right decision into one of confidence that your decisions are on target.


“The Magnetic Brand workshop is an experience unique to anything we’ve ever done before. We now have a firmly unique identity in the marketplace and we resonate with our continually growing customer base of people who believe in us.”

- Joe Zundl, Business Development Manager, Cedarlane Culinary


What Makes Magnetic Brand Work

Key Insight #1:


People are making an unconscious decision when they decide to buy your product or your competitor's. Your brand is the only asset your business has that can influence this decision and make it go your way.

How we’re different

When it comes to creating a brand most people are having one of two experiences: either they have some notion of what their brand is, but don’t know how to express it clearly, or they think that researching their market will reveal the answers. The first experience is frustrating and the second will almost always get you in trouble. We fix that.


“My brand was a swirl of ideas in my head and this allowed me to articulate it in a clear way that I can express to my customers.”

Sandra Harris
Founder and CEO, Ecolunchbox

“This workshop ignited the spark and set a fire for my team. The format created a lot of trust and buy-in from everybody.”

Herman Yau
Co-Founder and CEO, Tend Insights

What Makes Magnetic Brand Work

Key Insight #2:


Your customer sees your business using the same neurology as when they meet another person. To the brain, your business is another person. Successful brands work with this neurology to make it easier for customers to connect and want to buy.

What to expect from a strategy call

The next step is easy - let’s discover if we’re a good fit. The goal of the free 45 minute strategy call is to help you become very clear about where you are now and where you would like to be. I'll give you plenty of insight and resources to help you get there right on the call. I promise there is no hard sell; only learning.


Meet Michael

"Like me, many branding experts know what works, but everything changed when I discovered the neurology that makes what works work..."

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What Makes Magnetic Brand Work

Key Insight #3:


If you want to resonate then creating meaning is the answer. We are all wired to attach meaning to almost everything - especially the things we buy. This is why all buying decisions are emotional. When we connect our business with meaning we create more value and attract more customers.


Curious about how your customer’s mind actually makes the decision to buy?

I love learning new things and want to share what I know with as many people as possible. In this ebook I’ll show you the hidden process all people use when they decide to buy and the one simple thing that all successful brands do to tap into that hidden process - AND what you can do about it.

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I'm confident I can help your business stand out and resonate with your audience.

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